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                Designated Suppliers of Central Government
                Procurement Agreement

                About Redleaf

                Jiangsu Readleaf Audio & Visual Equipment Co.,Ltd.ADD:382# Yangjin Road,North Hexing Town,Zhangjiagang,ChinaTEL:+86-512-56969262 58560836FAX:+86-512-58551371P.C:215625E-mail:business@redleaf.com.cnWeb:www.debbieoleary.com

                Screen Introduction


                Redlaeaf-Boast grey glass beaded

                With high brightness,with a gain of more than 2.8,with effective scattering angle more than 32°,high contrast and resolution,fine color rendition,excellent vision effect.The best choosing for home theater,Especially to increase the lighteness of projector…
                Redlaeaf-Boast grey glass beaded 2015-3-30 9:50:12
                Redlaeaf-Boast Pearlux fabric 2015-3-30 9:49:45
                Redleaf-Boast Glass Beaded 2015-3-30 9:49:25
                Redleaf PET 2015-3-30 9:49:07
                Redleaf Rear Screen 2015-3-30 9:48:57
                Redleaf-Auvicar Glass Beaded 2015-3-30 9:47:55

                Products Show

                • LED Touch Screen
                • Smart House
                • 2Indent
                • Hpacking
                • Nylon strapping-stapling
                • Double Carton
                • Polyethylene carton inserts
                • Shrunk plastic film
                • Wooden box
                • Palletization
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